I have found it!

16 Aug

Today was a busy day. We had church and then orientation for school. After that, we decided to do a little shopping- Jeff at Micro Center and me at Michael’s.
Then came the highlight of my day. I’d say highlight of my week, but it is only Sunday. After living on the east coast for three years, I was spoiled by the best pizza in the world. Since moving out to the Kansas City area, I’ve had pizza at a few places that have come close, but nothing quite right.
I read earlier in the week about a place with NY Style pizza called Original Pizza in Overland Park. We decided to stop and get a slice on our way home. The good news is: I have found a place with great NY style pizza! It is quite convenient on my way home from school as well. I’ll have to put a limit on how often I can eat there because I could eat pizza every day and not get sick of it.
I am looking forward to making this place a regular!
In other news, I’m very much looking forward to the Mad Men premiere tonight. What an exciting life I lead!

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