First Week Down, 39 To Go!

29 Aug

The first week of school was a success. My 5th and 6th graders are great, my 7th and 8th graders will present a bit more of a challenge.
I’ve ordered enough copies of my first Literature book with 7/8th grade. Borders had free shipping this weekend, thank goodness.
I forgot how much school wears me out! I stayed rather late each night this week trying to get prepared and stay on top of things. I’ve decided to rotate Spanish into my literature circle times instead of dong 5th through 8th all together at once. However, I don’t know more than very basic Spanish. We use a video series where our teacher is Senor Morris. So, the series is on VHS and I brought the tape home to watch a few lessons this weekend and realized…. we don’t have a VCR anymore. There might be one in a box in the garage- all the more motivation to clean it up a bit.
We skipped the Friday wine last night, I was falling asleep on the couch by the time I remembered and decided to do it tonight or wait until my mom and dad come next weekend. I’m looking forward to their visit. Being so far from “home,” it is always nice to have visitors. So if you’re reading this and ever drive through or visit KC without stopping to see me, I’ll be sad! We have an extra bedroom and two air mattresses and sleeping bags and…..I could go on and on.
Yesterday marked my 6th full week of going to the gym Monday-Friday! I will be going shopping later on today to buy some new shoes to celebrate the accomplishment. At the end of 8 weeks I will buy myself a new top or two. I need major motivation to keep going now that I have to get up at 5:30 to get there and home in time to make it to school.
The most exciting thing going on here right now is that my friend Amanda ( ) and her husband Jason are having their baby girl, Macy, in the next week or two. I’m on call to watch their 4-year-old, Katelyn, when it happens. Amanda and I were roommates at Seward and both ended up in the Kansas City area within a year of each other. It is really nice to have such a good friend so close by!

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