Simple Saturday

19 Sep

This past week was a relatively uneventful one for me, but there is a little excitement around.

On Wednesday, my friend Amanda (roommate at Seward) had her second adorable baby girl. I went to the hospital to meet baby Macy on Thursday. Amanda is in much the same situation as I am- in Kansas City without anyone but her immediate family and, of course, her church/school family. I’m lucky enough to have a handful of in-laws close by. I know that when Jeff and I have kids I will really need the support of my extended “family” so I am trying to do the same for her.

After a few good weeks I had a really, really bad week at WW so I took a little time today to refocus. I actually wrote down some goals and put them on my mirror in the bedroom and on the fridge in the kitchen. I made a list of things I can do instead of eat when I’m not hungry to stare me in the face when I go to open the fridge. I’m hoping that will help! I just finished my ninth week of working out five days a week, but I need to pick up my intensity a little bit.

On Friday I had my first-ever coaching experience with the girls’ volleyball teams from school. The normal coaches are out of town so the principal and I filled in. I really sat on the bench and marked serves, so I didn’t do much. But I had a lot of feelings of “If I were the coach…..” and then I remember that I DON’T have time for that! I don’t really disagree with what the current coaches are teaching the girls, but I know I would do things very differently. And, volleyball is the only sport I know anything about in the least and the current coaches are here to stay for a long while.

When I got home from the games Jeff had a glass of wine waiting for me. This bottle of chardonnay was a housewarming gift from his friend Leroy. It was pretty yummy!

Our chardonnary from Leroy

Our chardonnary from Leroy

Today has been a perfect Saturday. Jeff made a delicious breakfast of ham and eggs this morning. The weather is gorgeous. We bought some grass seed to over-seed our lawn and mulch to make things look nice. We also bought some mums. Indoor kitchen herb-growing kits were deeply clearanced so I thought I’d give it a shot even though it is not quite the right time of year to do that. We’re heading out to work in the yard in a little while. What satisfaction taking care of our home can bring!

They have a way to go, but these mums should be gorgeous soon!

They have a way to go, but these mums should be gorgeous soon!

Just Planted!

Just Planted!

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