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I know, I know…

I know it has been way too long since I’ve posted. I’ve been busy with stuff around the house and, or course, school stuff. I try not to complain but having an hour of planning time a week can really wear a person down!
Let’s see… Since I’ve posted last….
My friend Christopher from college visited and we did a bit of a Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives tour eating at two places featured on the show. I don’t think I would make a huge point to go to either place again.
I helped to plan and execute the greatest Grandparents Day ever at my school, although I’m a little biased since this is the only one I’ve really taken the lead on.
I am in charge of Operation Christmas Child at church and have been working to publicize this to the congregation. I’m already thinking ahead to next year and how to make it even bigger and better. It’s been really well received except some criticism that itโ€™s not a Lutheran organization. Oh well. We’re all Christians working to spread the gospel. Denominational lines do not matter, in my opinion. (From the Lutheran who married a Baptist…)
I’ve given up a bit of Friday Wine as I’d have a glass and fall asleep on Friday nights. I’m usually worn out from the week by Friday and the wine was definitely accelerating my bedtime. Plus, my mother-in-law was worried that I was posting too many pictures of alcohol on my blog. ๐Ÿ™‚
Yesterday we spent a bunch of time cleaning up the beautiful yellow blanket of leaves covering our lawn. The picture below was taken at least a week ago. All of the leaves have blown off of the burning bush now, but it was pretty while it lasted.
Coming up this week is the school auction. It will definitely keep things very busy throughout the week!

For those of you that are wondering, we’re planning on coming to MN for Christmas on New Year’s Eve and staying until January 3rd.

burnng bush

Our beautiful burning bush adds a splash of color to the front of our home.


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