Birthday Week

15 Jan

Last week was a full week of snow days! So, the first day back to school after Christmas break also happened to be my 30th birthday. Apparently either a staff member or parent sent out an email to tell people it was my birthday, because several students brought in yummy treats and many more brought cards. My coworkers brought me TWO cakes (there are only five of us) and presents, and Jeff prepared dinner (by going through my favorite drive-thru Italian, Fazoli’s) and set up candles and brought flowers and a balloon. He put the food on “real” plates and we opened a bottle of wine and had a really nice dinner. What a great 30th birthday! It’s really hard to believe I’m 30. I remember when 30 seemed “old” and I really don’t feel very old. At all.

Since we had a full week of school this week, I feel like I’m back on schedule. The house is still relatively clean; I’ve been to the gym every morning (except Sunday) and have only made it home before dark one day- today. It is my goal every Friday to make it home to catch the 4:30 episode of Judge Judy. I didn’t make it home in time to see Judy today, but I did make it home before dark.

We have school on Monday to make up for having a week of snow days. Apparently we still need to go back in June for at least one day, and also apparently we’re supposed to get a lot more snow this winter, so we may be in school until July. We better not be. We have a vacation in 155 days!

On a serious note:

When I taught in New Jersey there were several Haitian families that I worked with. One of these families, the Marcellus family, has older brothers that are in Haiti. They have gotten word that the brothers are OK and were in an area of Haiti that was not hit very hard. However, several cousins that were in Port-au-Prince died in the disaster.

Please keep the Marcellus, Jean, and Destin families in your prayers as they all have extended family in Haiti and it may be a while before they know what is going on with their relatives. I cannot imagine what it would be like to experience such a catastrophe, and pray for those whose lives are forever changed because of it.

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One response to “Birthday Week

  1. Kay

    January 21, 2010 at 7:18 am

    Happy 30th Birthday, Mary!


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