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You know it’s bad when…

Jeff asked me how the blog was going the other day. My reply? “Oh yeah, we DO have a blog!”

Nothing new to report here. School is good. I got a smart board for my classroom, which is the first piece of technology I didn’t experience in college (does that make me old?), so it’s been a learning experience. Too bad people keep asking ME how to work it. I feel shorter by the day as my 7th and 8th grade boys are almost all taller than me now. One of them is even taller than Jeff.

I went out with some girl friends last weekend and got carded. It’s the first time since turning 30 I’ve gotten carded, and I must say, was not so bad. I can’t figure out if the waiter was just trying to get a bigger tip or if I could really pass for 21.

I’m heading to MN for Easter. Jeff is working, so I’m driving solo. Not looking forward to that drive so much, but really looking forward to seeing my family and friends and new babies.

Have a blessed Easter!

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Spring Break Countdown

All I have to say tonight is:

Two more school days until spring break! It can’t come fast enough!!!! My brain needs a break!

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Forgotten Blog

Ok, so I’m sure it seriously seems like I’ve forgotten about the blog. And, honestly, I kind of had.
There is nothing new or exciting to note around here.
School is good, life is good.
Spring break is the week after next. Jeff took the week off too so we’ll get lots of quality time together. We’re planning a quick trip to St. Louis to see everyone and just doing stuff around the house- hopefully to include cleaning out the garage and earning some money off of craigslist.
That’s all for now!

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