CSA Week 3

25 Jul

***If you haven’t seen my post on Grandma Finke, be sure to check it out!!***

This week had all of the same items again. I was under the impression that it would be a variety of changing items each week, so I’m somewhat disappointed. Here’s what we got this week.

Red Tomatoes

Yellow Tomatoes



Sweet corn

One of Jeff’s coworkers gave him some tomatoes as well, so I’m going to make some pasta sauce with the tomatoes this weekend. Otherwise, it’s all the same as last time.

Here are the “normal” prices.
Corn- $3.50

Watermelon- $4.00

Red Tomatoes- $5.00

Yellow Tomatoes- $5.00

Peaches- $5.00

For a total of $22.50- a savings of $7.50.

There are other things available there, but I’m trying to be cost effective. They have $1.00 eggplants, $2.50 cantaloupe, $2.50 cucumbers, but those don’t seem very cost effective, so I’ve been sticking to things that are $3 or more.  So far everything we’ve had has been delicious!


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2 responses to “CSA Week 3

  1. Tammy McLeod

    July 26, 2010 at 8:41 am

    Last night I made Martha Stewart’s upside down peach cornbread cake and it was amazing. If you haven’t decided how to use your peaches, google it and check it out – really easy too.

    • jeffandmary

      July 27, 2010 at 2:04 pm

      I’m all for easy!! My husband isn’t a cornbread fan, so I’d probably have to scale down the recipe for me.


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