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CSA Week 8

I think this was the last week of the CSA. This week I got a watermelon. It was much better than last week’s watermelon, by far. We also got a basket of peaches, which I peeled and froze, a basket of peppers, and two baskets of tomatoes. I had some tomatoes from last week and a few a student had given me left, so I used those and one of the peppers to make spaghetti sauce. The roma tomatoes definitely worked better for that than the other ones, so I’ll have to remember that next time I make sauce. I didn’t look at the prices of stuff this week, but I’m confident I saved a few bucks.

If this is indeed the last week, which, if I’m counting correctly, it should be, I will write up a summary of the experience next week. I’m pretty up in the air about if I should do it next year or not.



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A Sad Week

I don’t think I can write another post without addressing something that’s been on my mind and heart the last few days.

My brother’s best friend, Darin, died this week. If you want to read about the circumstances you can do so here or here, but I would rather focus on his life.

I knew Darin as Jer’s best friend, and a great guy to be around. I first met him when Jer was in the seminary. I don’t know when I first met Darin, but I do know he was around quite a bit when I would go to visit Jeremy and Karin. It was nice be around him because to most of Jer’s friends I was probably just Jer’s kid sister. Darin, probably because he didn’t know me until I was (almost) an adult, treated me like a friend. Darin had a great sense of humor and seemed to have a knack for making people laugh.

At Jer and Karin’s wedding, we had a lot of fun being goofy and dancing to polkas. One summer, probably about nine years ago, Darin joined our family on vacation for a few days. I will never forget staying up so late playing board games that we couldn’t even see the cards in our hand straight. My cheeks hurt from laughing so much at all the jokes that were being cracked around the table that night. It’s one of my favorite family vacation memories.

I hadn’t seen Darin for years, but remember him very fondly. I would hear about what he was up to through Karin and Jer. I was so happy to learn that he was married and had seen a few pictures of his adorable, and I mean ADORABLE, twin daughters.

While I am really sad about our loss here on earth and the long-lasting effect Darin’s death will have on his family and friends, I have comfort and peace knowing that he is in heaven making everyone there roll with laughter and participating in the joy that comes from knowing our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


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CSA Week 7

Jeremy added a bunch of comments on past posts about family, if you haven’t seen those.

I was rather disappointed in the choices at the CSA this week. There were peaches, onions, peppers, tomatoes, watermelon, and sweet corn to choose from.

We brought a whole bunch of veggies from my mom and dad’s garden home last weekend. We’ve eaten lots of sweet corn, I made two batches of stuffed peppers with my own tomato sauce, had grape tomatoes with our lunches every day, and have tons of onions and a bunch ofpotatoes waiting for something to be made soon. Since many of these things were the things available at the CSA, I didn’t really know what to get. Here’s what I did.

The red and green peppers were $3 each, the tomatoes were $5, the watermelon was $3, and the apple cider was $7. The total without the CSA would have been $21. I paid $15.

I made pico de gallo with the two of the tomatoes and some jalapeños and onions from Mom.

We’re having fajitas tonight and sausage and peppers tomorrow, so that should take care of the peppers. Now I need to figure out what to do with the rest of the tomatoes.

We’re still on our water only kick, so we will save the cider until later in fall. The expiration date on the bottle says it is good until the end of January. Drinking water only really hasn’t been that hard. I’ve had plain, unsweetened iced tea twice and I would rather have plain water, so that’s what I’ve been doing. I miss coffee drinks much more than I miss diet coke.

Next week should be the last week of the CSA. We’ll see if there is more of a variety for the last week. Somehow, I’m doubtful.


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I’m sure that many of you think that since school has begun that I will not blog anymore.


I will! I will as long as people keep commenting! 😉

School started today, it was a half day, and it went really well. The students were on their best behavior.

I have eight students this year, and so far so good. It’s only Day 1, it would be pretty sad if it was rough already! The first day always zooms by and I overplan, so we didn’t really get much done. We will tomorrow though!

I can’t believe summer is over already!


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Grandma and Grandpa Finke’s House

If you haven’t seen my mom’s comment under Pearl June Finke, check it out. She just added it today.
It surprises me how many of my memories revolve around Grandma and Grandpa Finke’s house in Hamburg. I remember the small room upstairs that we used as a playroom. I remember the big black safe on the landing on the steps. I remember the ticking clock with the glowing hands and the green lava lamp and exactly where the china cabinet was, because I heard the story many times about how my sister broke the glass with a wagon.
I remember the piano that had the (real?) ivory keys. I remember the playground between their house and the fire station and especially the teeter-totter. I remember walking to the post office to get the mail and passing Buck “Rock N Roll” Zumhofe’s house or visiting Uncle Martin and Aunt Tina and Uncle Martin’s bait shop. I remember walking to the little store and getting candy.
I remember walking down to the park and seeing the ducks. The lilac bush (bushes?) in the yard were really pretty. The ground cherries that fell on the driveway…
When Grandma and Grandpa had parties in the house the kids would gather in the porch on the side of the house between the garage and the kitchen. And I remember seeing glass bottles of Bubble Up and Sunkist orange. I remember in that porch was the desk with the folding top. In the kitchen was that little green TV. When you walked through the kitchen Grandma and Grandpa’s bedroom was on the right and the basement door on the left. I was so scared to go in the basement, but I do remember going in there once or twice. Did they have a dog down there I was afraid of? I don’t remember why I was so scared of it. I’m pretty sure the bathroom on the right next to the bedroom but I don’t remember it.
Then there was the living room and if you walked through the living room there was an extension of the living room on the right where the piano was. You could go upstairs from the living room, the stairs went up a few steps and then turned. Once you got to the top of the steps the bathroom was on the right with the claw foot tub. Then there was the other little room and then the two bedrooms. I think there was an attic above that as well, but you had to use a ladder to go through the hole in the season to get to it.

Wow, the more I think about it, the more memories keep flooding back. Kay and I getting Strawberry Shortcake sleeping bags, pick-up sticks, cooties without enough legs, carpet in the kitchen, flowers all around the house, a garden and then sadness at the lack of a garden. The floor was squeaky in the kitchen. Taking a “schlook” from Grandpa’s drink and not enjoying his beverage of choice, which I think was Schmidt beer.

What are your memories of Grandma and Grandpa’s house?
This is what the house looks like now. I remember it a little differently, but it is the best picture I could find.

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CSA Week 5- Something new!

This week I really switched things up and bought a few things I wouldn’t normally buy.

Clockwise from top- zuchinni, casaba melon, okra, seedless red raspberry jam, peaches

I bought a casaba melon, which is kind of a cross between a honeydew and cantaloupe. It was marked at $6. Here is what it looks like cut up.

I bought okra, which I have never cooked with before. I only tried deep fried okra at college once. It was not great. But I saw a basket and thought I’d try it on my own. The basket of okra was marked at $7. I’m cooking it as I type with tomatoes and onion. We’ll have it tonight with rice and chicken. Here is what it looks like right now, a little steamy.

I went back to the peaches, they were $4 this week.

I picked out a jar of seedless red raspberry jam, which I sampled after I took the picture on a pb and j sandwich. Yummy! It was $4.

I also bought zucchini again this week and since I still had some left from last week, I shredded it all and froze five cups of it. I thought about baking a bunch of bread or muffins but it’s 95-100 degrees here right now. I decided against it and figured I’d wait until it cools off a little bit. I also don’t have any applesauce, and I want to use that in place of oil to make healthier stuff. I also might get whole wheat flour instead of white. The zucchini was priced at $4.

So, a totally new experience with the okra and casaba melon, which is part of the reason I signed up for the CSA anyway, so I’m glad there was some newer items this time. All in all, I saved $10 by being a part of the CSA.

We’re heading to MN on Thursday night and coming back Saturday night, so we won’t get any CSA items next week. I will try to post my entry about Grandma and Grandpa Finke’s house later this week.

Also, Jeff and I have decided not to have any sweetened (artificially or naturally) beverages for the month of August and I made it through the first week pretty easily. So, this is what I’ve been drinking a lot of. It is a lot more fun to drink out of a fancy glass.

water with lemon


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Back to School

This week is our first week back to school. We had a meeting on Monday all day with all the area Lutheran teachers, meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday at school in the morning, registration day today and again tomorrow morning. I have home visits next week.

Somewhere among all of this I need to get my classroom and lesson planning taken care of. As of right now I have eight 5th and 6th graders and 12 7th and 8th graders.

It will all get done somehow. Where did the summer go? Oh yeah, it IS  here. It’s so stinkin’ hot outside, I only go outside when I have to walk from a building to my car. I’m not built for 110-120 degree heat index. Gross!

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