Grandma and Grandpa Finke’s House

10 Aug
If you haven’t seen my mom’s comment under Pearl June Finke, check it out. She just added it today.
It surprises me how many of my memories revolve around Grandma and Grandpa Finke’s house in Hamburg. I remember the small room upstairs that we used as a playroom. I remember the big black safe on the landing on the steps. I remember the ticking clock with the glowing hands and the green lava lamp and exactly where the china cabinet was, because I heard the story many times about how my sister broke the glass with a wagon.
I remember the piano that had the (real?) ivory keys. I remember the playground between their house and the fire station and especially the teeter-totter. I remember walking to the post office to get the mail and passing Buck “Rock N Roll” Zumhofe’s house or visiting Uncle Martin and Aunt Tina and Uncle Martin’s bait shop. I remember walking to the little store and getting candy.
I remember walking down to the park and seeing the ducks. The lilac bush (bushes?) in the yard were really pretty. The ground cherries that fell on the driveway…
When Grandma and Grandpa had parties in the house the kids would gather in the porch on the side of the house between the garage and the kitchen. And I remember seeing glass bottles of Bubble Up and Sunkist orange. I remember in that porch was the desk with the folding top. In the kitchen was that little green TV. When you walked through the kitchen Grandma and Grandpa’s bedroom was on the right and the basement door on the left. I was so scared to go in the basement, but I do remember going in there once or twice. Did they have a dog down there I was afraid of? I don’t remember why I was so scared of it. I’m pretty sure the bathroom on the right next to the bedroom but I don’t remember it.
Then there was the living room and if you walked through the living room there was an extension of the living room on the right where the piano was. You could go upstairs from the living room, the stairs went up a few steps and then turned. Once you got to the top of the steps the bathroom was on the right with the claw foot tub. Then there was the other little room and then the two bedrooms. I think there was an attic above that as well, but you had to use a ladder to go through the hole in the season to get to it.

Wow, the more I think about it, the more memories keep flooding back. Kay and I getting Strawberry Shortcake sleeping bags, pick-up sticks, cooties without enough legs, carpet in the kitchen, flowers all around the house, a garden and then sadness at the lack of a garden. The floor was squeaky in the kitchen. Taking a “schlook” from Grandpa’s drink and not enjoying his beverage of choice, which I think was Schmidt beer.

What are your memories of Grandma and Grandpa’s house?
This is what the house looks like now. I remember it a little differently, but it is the best picture I could find.

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One response to “Grandma and Grandpa Finke’s House

  1. Jeremy

    August 18, 2010 at 9:39 pm

    All of Heidi’s memories reminded me of so many things too. I remember a lot more about the food though, of course. I remember rice crispies with half and half on it, and frozen pizzas with extra velveeta cheese, and grandpas pretzels that he would dip in cheese whiz. These are all bad habits of course and are not to be repeated because they only cause high cholestrol and high blood pressure, not to mention a few extra pounds. I remember a lot about grandpas grage. I remember cutting their lawn with old riding Snapper lawn mower, the weber grill that grandpa and grandpa starting the coals with an old hot iron thing from the blacksmith shop. I remember listening to the old, old radio in the porch, and how that old green T.V. was first on the kitchen counter for many years. I remember listening to 8 track tapes on their really cool stereo, I had both the T.V. and the radio until both quit working completely. That was just a couple years ago. I remember the big ole Malibu Classic station wagon that grandpa used to put leaded gas in, even though it was supposed to have unleaded only. I remember it because it was my first car. I remember going to grandpa and grandpas on Friday or Saturday nights and sleeping on the couch and having mm and dad come in at around midnight to take us home. A lot of times we would just stay overnight and then wake up in the morning and to grandpa or grandma making breakfast. I guess that is where I get my breakfast making abilities from. I remember the green and red short shag carpet. I remember grandpas martin houses in the backyard and the tons of birdfeed in the garage. I remember going with grandpa to his work several times in Maple Plain and having the guys who came in talk about how much grampa was proud of me. I remember the chestnut (I think they were chestnuts), and the plum tree, and going around the fence to the park behind the house to the teeter totter and the swings. I remember driving grandpa’s lawn mower in the bicentenial parade. Wow, this is a lot of stuff and I could go on, but you are probably getting tired of reading this and the first day of school for the kids is tomorrow morning so I better get to bed. Thanks for having this Mary, it made me think of how blest a childhood I had!


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