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Menu Week of 9/26

This is a busy week! One of my students gave Jeff and I tickets to the Royals/Tampa game on Thursday, so we’ll be heading there. I don’t know if we’ll eat before we get there or eat at the game. Friday we have an engagement party for two of Jeff’s coworkers, but we should still be able to eat at home. Saturday morning we leave for my goddaughter, Ruby’s first birthday party and to spend some time with Jeremy and Karin, and Cara and Gus.  Any suggestions for non-chain places to eat in the St. Louis/St. Charles area?

Here’s the plan this week:

Sunday Chicken, mashed potatoes, corn
Monday Spaghetti, salad, garlic bread
Tuesday Bean and cheese quesadillas with salsa and sour cream
Wednesday Stuffed shells or tuna helper
Thursday Royals Game- ??
Friday Pizza Night
Saturday Somewhere in St. Louis
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Week in Review 9/19

All-in-all this has been a pretty good week, but today has been extra-good.

The menu plan pretty much went to heck this week. We did have the bbq beef sandwiches last Sunday, and pierogies on Monday, but no chicken. Tuesday we had grilled cheese and tomato soup. Wednesday we had Church’s chicken, so that was our eat out night. Thursday we had leftover chicken salad from a special lunch at school. Friday we had rotisserie chicken from the grocery store up the street. Tonight we are having the stuffed shells. Here’s a peek at those, pre-baking.

But, today was great. Every year for Christmas, the school board gives us gift cards to Target. I also get gift cards from parents around Christmas or the end of the year. I had $50 to Target, $50 visa gift card, and $40 cash from Christmas. I have been eying a set of red kitchenaid pots and pans forever, at least since we bought the house, maybe even since we got married. Well, I decided this year I would keep my gift cards until my pots and pans were on sale, since my old set was really starting to look icky, and it was nearly impossible to keep stuff from sticking. Well, they were FINALLY on sale this week! I bought the pots and pans, a spoonula, and silicone-tipped tongs and only had to spend $2.64 of my own hard-earned money. I saved over $35, so I am pretty proud of myself. I’m not quite the couponista that Christina and Kay are, but I loooove saving money!

I also used a gift card at Home Depot and got three really pretty mums with a buy two get one free coupon, so there is even $2.65 left on that gift card. Here’s a few shots of those through the rainy door.


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Stuffed Shells Recipe

This is the recipe I will use for stuffed shells- although I’ll use low fat cottage cheese instead of fat free. I also will probably use marinara instead of tomato sauce.


1 cup(s) part-skim ricotta cheese
1 cup(s) fat-free cottage cheese
1 tsp table salt
1 tsp garlic powder, or to taste
1 Tbsp dried oregano
1/4 tsp black pepper
3 cup(s) canned tomato sauce
1 pound(s) cooked pasta, jumbo shells, approximately 24 shells


  • Preheat oven to 375°F.
  • Mix together cheeses, salt, garlic powder, oregano and pepper.
  • Spread a few spoonfuls of tomato sauce on bottom of a 9- x 13-inch baking dish.
  • When cooked shells are cool enough to handle, fill each shell with cheese mixture and place in baking dish. When all shells are in dish, spoon remaining tomato sauce over shells. Cover pan and bake for 20 minutes. Yields about 4 shells per serving.
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Menu Week of 9/19

Here’s this week’s menu.*

Sunday BBQ beef sandwiches
Monday Grilled chicken and pierogies
Tuesday Loaded baked potatoes
Wednesday Stuffed shells
Thursday Cheese and bean quesadillas
Friday Pizza Night
Saturday Mystery Night

*Menu subject to change, and probably will.


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Week in Review 9/12

So, we had pizza twice this week. I made frozen on Wednesday and we picked up a $5.99 pizza from a place down the street called Mafia Mike’s last night. Wednesday night we go to weight watchers, so we don’t get home until late and tend to eat our least healthy stuff after the meeting so we have all week to make up for it. Counterproductive, I know.

Tonight is spaghetti and garlic bread, finally, but the pork burgers get pushed off once again.

Nothing much else happened this week. My girls played volleyball last night, so I went to those games. They lost one game and won the other, so we went out for ice cream after. The nice thing was, the game was at the Lutheran school that is only seven minutes from our house. The people at school are becoming more and more like family, so that’s really nice. They invite us to parties (sometimes) and make it a point to make us a part of their lives. It would be nice to work closer to our house, but the thought of starting over at another school is a little daunting.


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Tuesday Dinner

The menu changed a little bit because I forgot to make the spinach salad a few days ago, so I made that tonight. Plus, the green beans I bought went bad. (I should know to never buy produce from Walmart… I have the worst luck.) I also scrapped the couscous, because we just weren’t in the mood for it. We baked the chicken cordon bleu roll-ups because it is a lot less messy that way.

The picture is supposed to be black, white, and green, but I don’t think it turned out very well. I forgot to wipe the lens off before I took the picture, that might have something to do with the quality, as well. That’s the biggest problem with having my main camera be my camera on my phone.

Here’s another picture that I like. You may recognize the bottles from previous posts.

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Menu Plan Week of 9/12

Here’s the plan for this week.

Sunday– stuffed peppers (big sale on peppers this weekend), spinach/raspberry/feta salad

Monday– sauerkraut and mashed potatoes (Jeff is going to the Chiefs Monday Night Football game, and he hates sauerkraut, so I’ll take full advantage while he’s gone.)

Tuesday– chicken cordon bleu roll-ups, couscous, fresh green beans

Wednesday– spaghetti, garlic bread, artichoke salad

Thursday– steak fajitas

Friday– pizza (I’m taking Kay and Bonnie’s route- not sure if we’ll pick it up or do frozen or homemade yet.)

Saturday– pork burgers, oven fries, salad

I’ve definitely been having a lot more water than other beverages even well into September. The meat challenge is going well, but it’s not as easy as I thought it would be, especially over the weekend.

As far as dinner vs. supper, I think it’s pretty even. My mom tells me that she can tell I’m not Minnesotan anymore because I say dinner instead of supper now. I have breakfast, lunch, and dinner. However, when I visit Minnesota, I have breakfast, dinner, and supper. 🙂

I’m going to play around a bit with my layout, so don’t be surprised if you see several different layouts in the next few days.


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