Tuesday Dinner

14 Sep

The menu changed a little bit because I forgot to make the spinach salad a few days ago, so I made that tonight. Plus, the green beans I bought went bad. (I should know to never buy produce from Walmart… I have the worst luck.) I also scrapped the couscous, because we just weren’t in the mood for it. We baked the chicken cordon bleu roll-ups because it is a lot less messy that way.

The picture is supposed to be black, white, and green, but I don’t think it turned out very well. I forgot to wipe the lens off before I took the picture, that might have something to do with the quality, as well. That’s the biggest problem with having my main camera be my camera on my phone.

Here’s another picture that I like. You may recognize the bottles from previous posts.

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One response to “Tuesday Dinner

  1. Bonnie

    September 14, 2010 at 8:43 pm

    I do the majority of my shopping at Walmart because of price, but you are right – the produce there is bad.


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