Week in Review 9/26

03 Oct

Well, this was a busy week. Thursday we went to a Royal’s game, which was fun. They won, so that was good. It was the only baseball game I went to all season. Last season I went to a few more. Friday we went to a happy hour for two of Jeff’s coworkers. (They are getting married to each other.) They are good friends, so it was nice to be there for them. Saturday morning we left to go to my goddaughter, Ruby’s first birthday party. We spent the day with my friend Liz and her family, and then went to my brother’s house for the evening. Today we went to his church, out for lunch, and back home.

The menu-following was so terrible this week, I don’t even want to tell you how bad it was! Let’s just say that we followed the menu Sunday and Monday. I don’t even remember what we had on Tuesday, and the rest of the week was terrible. I need to really buckle down these next few days if I don’t want to have a huge gain at weight watchers.

This week is super-busy, too, but I’m going to work hard to make it go more smoothly!

ETA- Our October challenge is to have five servings of fruits and veggies every day!

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