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Thanksgiving Week

Well, let the busy holiday season begin! We had a pre-holiday party hosted by one of my coworkers this weekend. We’re having Jeff’s family over on Thursday, Jer, Karin, Cara, and Gus are coming over Friday to Saturday. Next weekend we head to MN on Friday night for a wedding all day Saturday and we’ll return on Sunday. The weekend after that we have another party. The weekend after that we have our Christmas program and staff Christmas party and Jeff wants to host our own holiday party that day, and finally, it will be Christmas.

And this is only what we have planned so far.

This week, more specifically, I have school Monday and Tuesday. Tuesday night there is a congregational meeting, so I’m planning on staying late to finish school stuff and then go to the meeting, and come home and start my break.

Wednesday, I’ll make sure the house is cleaned up and start cooking. Thursday, my in-laws are coming over. Jeff has been trying really hard to find something to buy on Friday morning, so he might do some Black Friday shopping in the morning while I sleep. Friday late morning/afternoon we’ll have soup and stuff with Jeremy and Karin and Cara and Gus and play games and do fun stuff with them. Then Saturday after they leave I’m going to make the hour and 20 minute drive to my friend Marla’s house, who just had a baby.

No rest for the…. weary? wicked? Or is it no rest for the overscheduled? I admit, it’s all fun stuff, so I’m looking forward to it!

No menu this week- all I know for sure is that we’re having turkey, dressing, etc. on Thursday and soups and breads on Friday. And I’m pretty sure I have all the groceries for everything.

When we were unpacking the groceries and trying to squeeze more food into our cupboards, I couldn’t help but be truly thankful for everything that we have. We have so much food it won’t even fit into our cupboards and it’s sitting on the counter. Even though money is tight sometimes, we have everything we need and almost everything we even want. Praise to the Lord for all the blessings he gives us every day!

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Week in Review 11-7

This week I took the car in to get some paint work done and a recall taken care of. These were all things we agreed on before we bought the car, so they gave me a loaner. I definitely like my car better. 🙂

My class went on a field trip to the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum and the American Jazz Museum.; they are in the same building. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate field trips? I feel like I have no control and the kids act all weird, so I prefer the control and routine of the classroom.

The hardest part of this week was when we found out Jeff’s nephew, D’Ondre, the best man in our wedding, is having some major heart issues. Without going into detail, a few weeks ago he had a heart attack and will have to deal with heart health for the rest of his life. It is shocking because he is so young and seemingly healthy and in shape. Please keep D’Ondre in your prayers as he learns to deal with all of this. He lives in the Dallas area, so it’s hard on Jeff and his family being so far away from him, and the feeling of helplessness that comes with that.

Today we went to Westport Flea Market ( to have what has been named as the Best Burger in Kansas City. It has been on Food Network and has won a bunch of awards. Let me tell you, it deserves the notoriety. It was delicious. And, my cousins will be proud of me, I had a $5 off coupon. We went there for lunch (dinner) and I was still not hungry at dinner (supper) time, so I didn’t make what we had planned, I’ll make that tomorrow night instead. Without further ado, here is next week’s menu.

Sunday Scallops and alfredo sauce with whole wheat linguine, salad
Monday breakfast: eggs, turkey bacon, toast or pancakes
Tuesday low-fat potato soup and sandwiches
Wednesday ??
Thursday mashed potatoes and Mom’s canned beef
Friday Pizza
Saturday Chicken and biscuits crock pot meal



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Unexpected Shopping Trips, Menu Week of 11/7

Last weekend, since we didn’t have anything else to do, I took my good ol’ Dodge Stratus in for an oil change. The guy in the office said it would be about 40 minutes to an hour, so instead of waiting there, Jeff and I moseyed over to a car dealership. We knew my car wouldn’t last forever, it had 140k miles on it, and had seen it’s better days. I had decided not to tell the mechanic about the noises it makes anymore because every time I did, it cost me $300-400. We wanted to be prepared for when we needed to buy another car, so that we could have already decided what we wanted and not be under the gun so much.

While we were at the second dealership, I got a phone call from the mechanic. He said, “You know that rattling noise your car is making?” and I thought to myself, “I didn’t tell you, but you sure found it yourself!” He kept going, “It’s your thingy-ma-bob, which makes your whatchamacalit run. If that breaks, your car will die on the road on you.” Of course, he used much more technical terms and explained more thoroughly. So, I asked about price, and he told me it would be between $500-$800, but he needed to look up a few things first. So, I told him to go ahead and do that, but that I am not interested in putting a while bunch more money into that car that just needs one repair after another. I also asked how long he thought it would last the way it was, and of course, there is no way to tell, etc. All the while I’m wondering to myself, “Did we DO this? Did this happen because we went to look at other cars?!?!”

When he called back, the quote for repair was $708. Meanwhile, we had gotten a trade-in value of $1550 on, so I knew that I would rather trade my car in and make payments on something I don’t have to pay for repairs on all the time. Also, I drive highway 90% of the time. I really didn’t want to be the cause of an accident or to be stranded on my way to school one morning.

Thus began the serious car shopping. We knew we needed a used car, one that Jeff would fit in comfortably, with the least miles and newest year possible. All of this we wanted for under $15000. Meanwhile, I asked my coworker, John, to look at my car and see what he thought. He said it didn’t look like it was going to die on me anytime in the next few days. But, winter is coming, and I sure don’t want to be stranded in winter.

We really wanted a small/midsize SUV. We quickly found that engine size matters. The ones with small engines, that we could afford, didn’t drive very well. The ones with big engines that drove well were high miles and bad gas mileage. So, I kept looking, thinking our dream car would suddenly appear. Then, my friend Christopher, who is a former-Lutheran-school-teacher-turned-car-salesman, gave me a reality check. Every time it seemed like we had decided on a car, I would come home and look at reviews and then decide against it. After thinking and praying about wants vs. needs, I settled on a car instead of an SUV.

All-in-all we went to seven different car lots, drove nine different vehicles, and settled on a 2010 Chevy Impala with 29k miles on it on Thursday. We got a very good price on it, almost exactly where we wanted to be, even though it was listed at almost 20k. When a car salesman (Christopher) told me I got a REALLY good deal, I couldn’t help but feel a little proud of myself. It’s a really pretty blue, drives really smoothly and quietly. It has remote start, which will be GREAT in the winter at school. The only thing it is missing that I’m somewhat disappointed in is satellite radio. We have it in our Sonata, and it is great to have on long car trips, which we seem to do a lot of. However, this will save us money, especially since I’m going to cancel XM on the Sonata since we’ll probably take the Impala on the long car trips for a while anyway.

So, our weekend with nothing to do, followed by every evening last week, was filled with stressful car shopping, haggling with car salesmen, and texting my friend Christopher for advice. Boy, am I glad that’s over!

On another note, we had our school auction last night. Our fundraisers pay the teachers’ salaries, so I really hope it went well. It seemed to, but it is so hard to tell at those kind of things. I also made a menu for next week.

Sunday Pork roast, potatoes, carrots
Monday Chicken cordon bleu rollups, salad
Tuesday Grilled cheese and tomato soup
Wednesday ??
Thursday Stuffed peppers
Friday Pizza and salad
Saturday Scallops and fettucine alfredo

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