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Almost there…

Well, as usual, not much is going on here.

Our Christmas program was on Friday. I, once again, directed the music. How does this keep happening?

We had a party last night, a few friends/coworkers of Jeff’s came over and we had played Wii and made crafts. Yes, I said we made crafts. A coworker of mine had a craft table at a party they hosted a few weeks ago, and we thought it was a neat idea, so we did the same thing.

So, I’m happy. The house is clean, I know what I’m doing in class the next few days, and I only have a little shopping left to do. I still have no idea what to get Jeff. Everything he wants is electronic related.

I need a snow day so I can get Christmas cards out. Life has been too busy, and I really don’t have much interesting to say!

We have school tomorrow, Tuesday, and a half day Wednesday and then it’s Christmas break. I can’t wait.


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Camera/Camcorder question

Right now, I do not own a “good” camera. I use my phone to take pictures. It’s an 8mp camera, but I’m not so sure I always get the best pics I should. What do you use for a camera and to take video? Does anyone take video that they are easily able to get still shots from? I can also do video on my phone, and haven’t really experimented with it a whole lot.

So tell me; what do you use? Do you like it? Would you do the same thing if you could do it over again? (Kay and Christina, I’m especially asking you, but of course, other input is welcome!) 🙂


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It’s Officially Christmastime!

Last year, I think I was rather grinch-like, but this year I have Christmas fever! I cannot wait until it gets closer and I can bake cookies and make hot apple cider, and watch Rudolph and A Christmas Story. And, of course, there is writing the ever-daunting Christmas letter…. although this year I’m thinking of only mailing hard copies to people I don’t keep in touch with via internet.

And, here’s our tree. Does it look kinda like yours, Kay?! 🙂 Also, these are the lights Jeff put up outside this year. I don’t think he’s done yet, but I’m not sure…


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