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New Job

Hey Everyone.

I just thought I’d let you all know that I’m taking a new position at a different Lutheran School in the Kansas City area next year. I really felt God moving me in all sorts of ways to accept the call there, but it was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made in my life. It will be a closer drive (20 minutes vs. 30 minutes) so I’m looking forward to that. It will also be 3rd and 4th grade. As much as I loved teaching middle school, I feel kind of like I’m going back to my “first love” by getting to have 3rd and 4th grades again.

The new job is on a beautiful campus- the same campus that the Lutheran High School is on, although it is run under separate administration. I get to set up my classroom the way I want, which is pretty cool, too.

It is really hard to leave behind the wonderful people at my old school. I love them and they have become part of my family! Luckily, I’m not moving away, so I’ll be able to keep them in my life. I’m looking forward to the new adventure!


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